Greetings & Salutations!

The Origin Story...?

In computers and the Internet, a geek is a person who is inordinately dedicated to and involved with technology.

It's not often one finds oneself being perfectly described, but that definition pretty much hits the nail on the head...

Even as a wee little tyke, I was taking things apart, trying to figure out what made them work. Sometimes, I would even put them back together. If I was lucky, they might work afterwards, too.

Fast-forward a bunch of years: you'll still find me taking stuff apart, but now I can almost always put things back together correctly.

My overly-inquisitive nature eventually led me to discover the wonderful world of technology. Be it the wizardry behind the ubiquitous CRT television, the fascinating logic of digital circuitry, or the never-ending quest to master a programming language, I find myself enthralled by the wonders of our modern age.

One thing I have learned as I strive to comprehend various technologies: there are not many n00b-friendly (that's "new user" to you non-geeks) resources on the web. Simple things, like how to format a string for console output, or what the proper tags to use for the content of a web page should be. While it is fun to search the Internet for hours trying to find an intelligible sample or guide for solutions to these simple problems, I would hope to be able to answer a lot of those questions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hi! How are you?
A: I'm super! Thanks for asking!
Q: And the point of this site is...?
A: I try to pass on what I've learned, hopefully in a more simply-worded manner than the source I obtained the knowledge from (if it wasn't something I figured out myself).
Q: So, who gets to write stuff around here?
A: Anyone who registers can post comments on the various entries that have been posted. I recently switched to an open comment system (for the time being). Akismet is now being used to filter spam bots (and careless users). If I grow to trust you and feel you are capable of contributing to the site, I can create a profile to enable you to post site content.
Q: Can I request topics for new posts?
A: You bet! The whole point of this website is to try and spread knowledge. If you want me to explain something in better detail, or talk about a whole new topic, let me know!
Q: Can I request new features?
A: Sure thing. Just understand that not every feature you think may be useful is worth the time it may take to implement to me. That being said, I do heartily appreciate feedback, so feel free to drop me a line anytime!