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  • Object-Oriented Programming

    Object-oriented programming centers around the idea that everything can be represented as an object. Each object has characteristics, represented programmatically as variables, and actions it can perform, represented programmatically with subroutines and functions.

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  • Tutorial One: HTML >> PHP

    Welcome! For those of you stumbling onto this page, this is the first in a series of articles where I walk through creating a simple website for a fictional friend of mine. We will start with the complete HTML source for the index page, and then analyze it to determine which parts can be repeated in our other pages. Then, we will create a dynamically-generated PHP index page from the original HTML source.

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  • What Ever Happened to Thinking Logically?

    Perhaps I only see this because I have attended a two-year college, but it seems to me that students entering the programming field are not really being taught to think logically, but rather to regurgitate code that someone else has already worked out. Instead of focusing on teaching these students to develop good analytical skills, and teaching them good planning techniques, we instead shuffle them through boring, pointless, unchallenging exercises that don't really teach them anything they can use in the "real world."

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  • Obsession of the moment: M-V-C

    I am, above all other things, a programmer. I'm one of those guys that stay up late writing code, reading technical reference manuals, and drooling over case tools. So I suppose it comes as no surprise that my newest obsession focuses on a tantalizing new PHP framework a friend of mine recently turned me on to, CodeIgniter.

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