Nifty Corners = Sah-weeeeet...

I don't know how I never found this before. I've looked high and low, near and far, all to find a good clean method for rounding the corners of some HTML elements. Rounded corners just look nice, IMO.

I've found more than a few ways of getting rounded corners, and they all have caveats that kept me looking for something better. And I think I've finally found the "something better"!


I bought a book called CSS Cookbook, from O'Reilly Press. I was flipping through it, and came upon a section dealing with rounded corners. The first couple I've tried, and I wasn't impressed. The last one, though, I hadn't heard of before. "Nifty Corners, eh? Sounds, uh, nifty..." says I. I Googled "Nifty Corners," which got me this URL:

Alessandro Fulciniti, the gentleman who came up with this technique, has a bunch of examples of how to use Nifty Corners on his web site, and I was thoroughly impressed. I love this technique. It's simple. It's clean. It does what I want, and it does it fluidly. What more do you need?

If you have some time, I thoroughly recommend you check out the link I provided above...


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