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  • Creating A C++ Application, Part 1

    I've seen a lot of ways of making a console application in C/C++, and I'll admit, I'm not very impressed. Okay, maybe I should clarify the previous statement. I've seen how the students at GRCC write console apps, and, well, they need help...

  • Debt Repayment Calculator, Part One

    I've been wanting to create another tutorial for quite some time now, but I could never seem to come up with a good subject for a coding project. I hate wasting anyone's time, so doing another stupid "Hello, world!" sample was certainly not an option. Then it hit me! What is the one subject that seems to be on everyone's minds lately?

  • C/C++ : Creating a Custom Class

    There are two methods for creating a class in a C++ project. The first method is to code your class directly in the project code in which you will be using the class. However, if you take that route, you cannot reuse that code later (say, for an entirely different project) without opening the first project, copying the code, and pasting it into your new project. The second method involves creating a discrete class project, separate from any program code, and then "including" the class in your program code. I try to always use the second method, for the very simple fact that if I create a class I find useful, I can use it again and again.

  • C/C++ : Includes

    C++ includes take one of two forms: #include <> or #include "". The only difference is that the former tells the compiler to look within the STL (Standard Template Library) for the source code, while the latter instructs the compiler to look in the local project folder first. If the compiler doesn't find the file in the local folder, it will search the STL.