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Tutorial One: HTML >> PHP

Welcome! For those of you stumbling onto this page, this is the first in a series of articles where I walk through creating a simple website for a fictional friend of mine. We will start with the complete HTML source for the index page, and then analyze it to determine which parts can be repeated in our other pages. Then, we will create a dynamically-generated PHP index page from the original HTML source.

The Many Faces of the Hyperlink Element

Ah, the <a> element. Our friend, the hyperlink. Few HTML elements are as versatile as the hyperlink. We can jump around a page, back and forth between different pages, open our email clients, and execute scripts, all with one meek little HTML tag. Talk about over-achieving...

HTML Template 1

I put together a simple HTML/XHTML template for anyone that wants it. If you're new to web design, this template should be a good way to get started. I also created a CSS template to go with this HTML template. You can find it here.